Usually we live in our pre ordained, automated way, till something jolts us out of our reverie and we are forced to stop. It can be the death of a loved one, a divorce, huge financial loss, life threatening disease or any other time when you are faced with the fact that things don’t go the same way forever, they change , they end. When your glass house crumbles and you are forced to hold onto any crutch that you can find. You are forced to think that there has to be something more to life, you feel that the life which you have been leading so far is not different from the one being led by animals i.e. just eating, mating and procreating. When the big questions start tormenting you that there has to be something more, this is the start of what C.G.Jung termed as ‘ the process of individuation’.

We welcome you and congratulate you if you are one of those souls and we invite you to go through this site. You can get in touch with us if needed, we will be happy to hold your hand and together we can embark on this journey.

Apart from this, if you are in the midst of any crisis, or you are becoming aware that you need to change the benefits that your current beliefs are giving you, or the tools which you are having are no longer enough, then also you are invited.

So , be a part of this journey and lets grow.