About Healers

Long ago, I had learnt one of life’s core lessons, about going beyond the comfort zone. Entering into this profession has also been one example of breaking the comfort zone albeit a very painful one. It was the decision of delving headlong into meditation that has led me here. There comes a point in meditation when you realize that you have to finally let go of all the safeties and crutches, if you want to move further. In fact at that point, nothing is left to your reasoning and logic, only and only one thing remains and that is that you are left with no choice. You have to go ahead, even if it means you’ll be left alone, or going by the standards of the accepted mode of living, you’ ll be labeled as ‘moron’ or ‘good for nothing’ person. But you have absolutely no choice. You have to jump the cliff, no matter what. That intense longing and yearning of the heart and soul forces you to do that.

When you start your meditation practices, at first the euphoria and inexplicable joy and bliss intoxicates you. You become a witness to the real joy that is inside you, the fleeting glimpses of ‘sat chit anand’. But as you move further, gradually you start seeing yourself, the real you, with all the illusions and the masks that you have been wearing; and as they start crumbling and woof, where are you!! Again the yearning, that if I am so impure, if so many flaws are there, then who will make me pure and positive. The understanding that the vessel should be clean and worthy of whatever is being put inside becomes the very purpose of your whole being. Intense prayers and fervent pleadings on their own start, that all the negativities and all that is negative and toxic, should be out of your system. And what did all this lead to? A diagnosis of the most dreaded word, cancer.

But strangely, from the time of diagnosis, to the last day of radiotherapy, not even once a thought of ‘why me’ occurred in my mind. Though for first 2-3 days, I was disturbed, and I cried a lot on the first day, but afterwards all I could think of was, now that it is here, what to do now, the next course of action. Somehow at the back of my mind, it was very clear that the negativity and the toxity which I wanted to remove from my system, somehow it was connected to that. Mastectomy, chemotherapy and then radiotherapy, I experienced all of them.

But whatever you say, once you find death staring you in the eyes, once you become aware of your own mortality, your priorities start getting changed. Now you find the courage to do the things that are the actual necessary things. When you become aware of the fact that you cannot live forever, you change your focus. Now you stop worrying and maintaining the toxic relationships that earlier you thought were important in the name of social network. You stop devoting time to the ‘small stuff’, the petty things that look so important to the ego, but which bring your energy down. Now you become aware of the real thing on which relationships are based, i.e. love and acceptance. You want to nurture that and you also become aware of your role in the larger scheme of things.

So here I am, devoting myself fully to my role in the larger scheme of things. I decided to say goodbye to my 9 to 5 corporate job. I was always drawn to the metaphysical and when I decided to take this as a full time profession, I thought, well if this is going to be my path, then I will learn all that is to be learnt. Since I became aware of the role of mind in everything, I wanted to learn about mind in the best possible way, hence came the decision to learn clinical Integrated Hypnotherapy from CHII(now EKAA). After completing all the levels of hypnotherapy, I did many courses in Theta Healing: Basic; Advanced DNA 2; Intuitive Anatomy; Game of Life, DNA 3; Planes of Existence; Disease and Disorder; Weight Liberation; Soul Mate etc. Then I learnt Radikall Healing, EFT, chakra balancing and everything about energy.

I work on the core beliefs and inner child issues in my sessions and make the client aware of the effects they take in the everyday life. I strongly believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The very fact that we have chosen to incarnate, makes it all the more imperative that we work on the real issues of life. And the main issues of life are either relationship and worth issues or abundance issues(here I mean abundance of every known facet). When we become aware of the fact that we are the Divine sparks and accept it fully, and decide to live our life with awareness and mindfulness, then in the real sense we embark on a journey of growth and evolvement. I invite you to come with me and be the person you always wanted to be.

Jyoti Sharma

 I have been in the field of Naturotherapy for quite some time. I had lot many questions about life , family , career , health etc. but was not finding their answers anywhere.

I was carrying lot of Tension & Depression in life. But when I looked towards this field , I was 100 % successful in finding answers to all the questions , which had remained unanswered till that time and were cause of Depression & Tension in my life.

During this period I developed lot of interest in this field and decided to go full time into it. To begin with I did ‘Ana-Pana-Sati’ meditation taught by Maharishi Patri Ji.

The very first experience , when I started meditation was very Profound & Deep, which further motivated me to go into this field and help others find answers to their unanswered questions of life and live a happy , tension & depression free life.