Our Philosophy

We believe that we all are Sparks Of God, and the ultimate aim of this ongoing journey is to get in touch with that. When we readily decide to drop the layers which are covering that spark, when we decide to drop the masks which we have been wearing, then we come in touch with our “Real Self”, our “Authentic Self”. It is now our mission to do this ourselves and help and support others in the knowing that it is possible to do that and it is okay and safe.

Our physical bodies are really wonderful, they always stays in the present, in the ‘now’. When we get sick, or get uncomfortable, or when some part of our body is in pain, it just is drawing our attention to that which is amiss, It is drawing our attention to something which needs to be attended, where balance is required. The more aware we are of the body, the more proximity we have to the atmosphere in the inner self.

We believe that we are the co-creators, we are the masters of our destiny. How can we be anything less when we are a part of Him? It is just that we get linked so much with our limited selves that we forget who we really are. This is the journey of rediscovering our limitless being, our real self. This is the journey of waking up and living our lives with awareness.

We think the whole drama of life, our discordant relationships, harmonious relationships, our careers, our pains and our sufferings, all of these conspire to push us on this journey of rediscovering. When we start getting aware of our thoughts, of our beliefs, and of the benefits that we get from keeping certain thoughts and beliefs, we start seeing the connection between what we are and how we are manifesting. It also shows us how we have created our life so far, and with this comes the understanding that if unknowingly we have been creating the present, we also have the ability to create what is to our liking. It is at that time we truly become aware of the power that lies within.

But is the process difficult? Yes and no. yes because it takes tremendous amount of courage and utmost honesty to see our shadow, to acknowledge that nasty side of our being. Your very foundation may get dislodged, the feeling as if someone has given you a big thrashing, shaken you to the very core. But when you become aware of the garbage and unnecessary baggage you have been carrying, then you realise that the only way to get rid of it is to throw it out. You become aware of the toll it had been taking of you, the stink it had been generating and the space it had been occupying. Than you realize that it is not required anymore. When you decide that no matter what, you will keep your space only for the divine, and keep it spic and span, then your whole life even the most mundane part of it starts becoming luminous with light of divine. You become divine and realize God is nowhere but inside you.