Why People do not heal

When does healing happen and when you feel that you are stuck? There are so many things which tell whether there will be heaing or not? Celebrated medical intuitive Caroline Myss has coined a term, ‘woundology’. If you suffer from it, then the chances are that you are addicted to the benefits which you are getting out of your sicknesses and problems and that unless you make a firm and aware decision to get out of the grip of it, it becomes virtually impossible to come out of it.

Every disease, every problem, in fact everything in our life happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. The only thing that matters is: are you ready and are you open to appreciate and perceive the changes that are required? This is all about taking responsibility; of yourself, of your life, of everything that is you. It is about taking the charge of your life, and the day you decide that ‘enough is enough’, healing starts happening.


No outside person can do something if you don’t want it. You can spend your whole life whining and cribbing about how life is and how others, (even your body) treat you. But the day you decide to take charge, half the battle is won. An outside person can only guide you, facilitate the process for you and provide a safe environment for you. But the ultimate deciding person is you.

You 0nly spend an hour or so with the healer, but if you do not make the changes that are required, you won’t be able to get a lasting effect. Leonard Orr, the founder of the ‘rebirthing process’, talks about the ‘death wish’ and ‘will to live’. Even if you are working on yourself, you want to get well also, but you also need to be aware of the collective beliefs that are connected to certain diseases, which might affect you, triggering the ‘death wish’ in you. You need to be guard yourself against these, to make yourself impervious.


So many people keep on getting the same problems, the same sicknesses, the same patterns will keep on recurring, as if life is going in circles. But if at one moment, you stop for a moment and ask yourself why it is happening? What does it want to teach me? What lessons are to be learnt?

Do you think if you need to be reminded of something to learn your lessons well? Yes so many times, we are totally lost. We are aware that we need to learn, but we may not know, ‘what’ or ‘which’ lessons. It is then if you take the help and guidance of someone who has walked the same path, or who is qualified enough to guide you, you will reach where you want to be. So if no change is happening, you need to ask the person in the mirror, what is amiss?


We have been taught from the very beginning to look after others’ needs first. But most often it is our unmet needs which become the root cause of majority of our illnesses. With awareness when we reach the point where we had stopped nurturing ourselves. We start the nurturing and become aware of the needs that demand to be fulfilled, and do this without feeling any guilt or remorse. Because when we honor our needs and consider ourselves worthy, only then we will start operating not from a point of lack, but from a point of satisfaction and fulfilment.


For a major part of our lives, we are disintegrated, divided and never live our lives from a point of wholeness. Our bodies feel in a certain way, the mind has its own stories and the soul has its longings. What a miracle life will be, if all these start working in unison, if your mind, body and soul start thinking and behaving in a unified manner?

The truth is that God wants us to be happy. When we are being joyful, when we do anything which makes us feel good, then we are being our god selves.

So go ahead, let go of all that unnecessary baggage and all will be well. You are not broken and you don’t need to fixed. The more we become aware of our limiting beliefs, feelings or needs, the more those bondages will be broken, paving way for greater freedom and joyful living.

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