Advance Self Work

Once we become aware of what we are and what we can be, we become ready to move forward. We become willing to drop all the masks and false identities that keep us from our ‘Authentic Self’, or our ‘Real Self’. We become aware of everything that stands in our way. We get the courage to release all that is harmful to us. We become ready to release all the toxic remnants of resentments, hatred, anger, regrets etc. Apart from these, all the limiting beliefs held by our parents, our ancestors, even by ourselves in our past lives, and those in the collective consciousness, can also be worked upon.

Understanding ourselves while accepting all that makes us (our good and so called bad parts, i.e. our shadow), our depressions, griefs and anxieties will make us a better integrated person.


  • Downloading all-round affirmations
  • Changing programs
  • Releasing resentments, regrets and rejections
  • Releasing curses, vows and commitments
  • Ancestral healing
  • Talk to the higher self: Higher self therapy
  • Time dynamics
  • Clearing beliefs pertaining to health
  • Five stages of loss
  • Understanding depression
  • Collective consciousness
  • Archetypes

What you will learn in this course:
After doing this course, you will be able to extend your understanding towards the deepest layers of your beliefs. You will learn about the methods though which to reach the core of any problem so that healing can be directed there. You will be able to understand the concepts of time, archetypes, Higher Self and collective consciousness. You will also learn different techniques to do ancestral healing, releasing curses, vows and commitments.

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