Belief Work: Starting The Self Work

  1. Duration: 4 days


Everyone, including us, emphasises the need and importance to have positive, happy thoughts, but how often does it actually happen? How often do we practise what we preach? Research tells us that out of 70,000 daily thoughts, nearly 90% are negative and repetitive. When we start understanding the root cause or the ‘why’ of these thoughts and work at the core level, only then can these negative thoughts be converted into positive ones. Learning about the core beliefs that have been prompting our life so far, the life which we have been leading as of now, and releasing and replacing them with positive ones is one of the central ideas that you will learn in this. In short it is about identifying our limiting core beliefs, and replacing them with new, progressive ones. It will also teach you what subconscious mind is and how to positively work with it for long lasting results.


  • Theory of mind
  • Power of thoughts
  • What are beliefs
  • How are beliefs formed
  • Core limiting beliefs and learn how they are in control of our lives
  • Finding and questioning limiting core beliefs
  • Muscle testing
  • Worksheets on major core beliefs: Love, Money, work, health etc.
  • Blocks of healers
  • Cord cutting with beliefs
  • Replacing negative beliefs by positive ones
  • Connecting with the Creator
  • Working at the cellular levels
  • Corrective therapy

What you will learn in this course:

You will learn the power of thoughts and how to work on your own self without seeking the help of therapists. This is the first step towards self reliance and self empowerment. This is also the first step towards knowledge about your ‘Authentic Self’.

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