Energy Dynamics

Duration: 3 days


Everything in the Universe is a form of Energy. When we start working as an Energy Worker, it becomes imperative that we understand it from all angles. After doing this course, you will understand how to tap into different kinds of energies, while doing healings in your day to day life. It becomes very necessary that we keep our frequencies high so that our healings become more effective. This course teaches you how to do that. You will also be equipped with tools to protect yourself from negative energies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Healer or not, understanding life from this point of view will make you understand things in a better way and will help you reach your full potential. It will also equip you with techniques of dealing with negative people, energies or entities.


  • What is Energy?
  • Different types of energies: Human (Physical, Mental, Psychic); Cosmic; Masters’; Creator’s.
  • Mind power (Mental): What is mind power; learning to use it to resolve conflicts, banish negative energies; learning to be in alignment with the Universal Mind to achieve whatever you want.
  • Psychic Energy: Outer Energy Body: What is Aura; how it breaks and how to protect it.
  • Different subtle bodies: Balancing and aligning all of them.
  • Inner Energy Body: Chakras: Basic knowledge about them and how to balance them.
  • Cosmic Energy: How to bring changes in your life by using Cosmic Energy.
  • Masters’ energy: How to invoke masters, guardian angels and feel their presence in your daily life.
  • Creator’s energy: How to tap into this limitless source of energy.
  • General Points regarding energy:
  • Points for self protection while doing energy work.
  • Energy Break
  • Psychic Attack/Hooks
  • Dealing with Psychic vampires
  • Waywards
  • Soul fragments and retrieval
  • Guardian angels
  • Process for healing and grounding

What you will learn in this course:

Through this course you learn to use the power of energy within, which is lying mostly unexplored till now; letting  your True Self come out and contributing to hrlp you grow; letting you become what you deserve to be; and achieving what you want to. We all have this enormous power called Energy lying within ourselves, but unless properly channelized, we won’t be able to effectively make use of it. Apart from this, when we live in complete alignment with the Universe, miracles happen. This course is a must for all those who are already doing Energy Work as well as those who aspire to be Healers.

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