Being and becoming co-creater

Everything that we say, think or do, i.e. our inner habitat, is reflected by what we are going through in our lives. Similarly, our external circumstances, our immediate outside environment is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside us. It is the power of thought that creates a life for our benefit or detriment. It is possible to create the life of your dreams. But the irony is that majority of us don’t actually know what we want from life.

The truth is that we create our own reality and it is possible to create a life that we always wanted to live. It is also possible to learn to be a co-creator of your own life and live life to your fullest potential through the power of our thought.


  • What is Law of attraction
  • Beliefs of money
  • Blocks to abundance and manifesting
  • Divine timing
  • Remembering your future
  • Zone of abundance
  • Opening all mental channels for success
  • Metaphysical principles of achieving success
  • Secrets of getting prayers answered
  • Developing the prosperity mentality
  • Establishing and accomplishing your goals

What you learn in this course:

After doing this course you will be able to learn what has been stopping you from living the life of your dreams. What are your fears, your limiting blocks and where have you been indulging in self sabotaging behaviour. You will be able to clarify your vision and release all that has been stopping you so far. You will be equipped with various techniques that will help you to take charge of your life because we all have the power within us to create our own destinies.


Duration: 3 days


Chakras are part of our energy body. They are the power houses of energy. Chakras represent our lives in all its levels and no one Chakra is superior to another. They are just different aspects of life in harmonious coexistence with each other. By looking at chakras from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual view, we can see the larger picture in a holistic manner and integrate the learning in our daily life.

There are two ways of working with the chakras: direct and indirect. Chakras are very, very subtle and any kind of direct meddling with them can create huge problems, unless they are dealt with under the supervision of an expert guide. The second way which is the indirect way which, in my opinion, is the better way since it allows us to work directly on the issues.


  • In depth knowledge about Energy body.
  • Chakras:
  • Sahasrar.
  • Specific work on all the chakras from mental, psychological and spiritual point of view. Heal and Balance them.
  • Specific exercises on chakras to be done in daily life.
  • Healing the Light Body.

What you learn in this course:

This course will help you to properly integrate and employ all the knowledge and skills that you acquire into your daily life. You will be able to take care of all that is necessary, play all the roles with integrity and enthusiasm. There is much confusion and misrepresentation of knowledge related to the spiritual field, once you do this, you will be able to see things clearly and will not get caught in the misconstructions of others.

Advance Self Work

Once we become aware of what we are and what we can be, we become ready to move forward. We become willing to drop all the masks and false identities that keep us from our ‘Authentic Self’, or our ‘Real Self’. We become aware of everything that stands in our way. We get the courage to release all that is harmful to us. We become ready to release all the toxic remnants of resentments, hatred, anger, regrets etc. Apart from these, all the limiting beliefs held by our parents, our ancestors, even by ourselves in our past lives, and those in the collective consciousness, can also be worked upon.

Understanding ourselves while accepting all that makes us (our good and so called bad parts, i.e. our shadow), our depressions, griefs and anxieties will make us a better integrated person.


  • Downloading all-round affirmations
  • Changing programs
  • Releasing resentments, regrets and rejections
  • Releasing curses, vows and commitments
  • Ancestral healing
  • Talk to the higher self: Higher self therapy
  • Time dynamics
  • Clearing beliefs pertaining to health
  • Five stages of loss
  • Understanding depression
  • Collective consciousness
  • Archetypes

What you will learn in this course:
After doing this course, you will be able to extend your understanding towards the deepest layers of your beliefs. You will learn about the methods though which to reach the core of any problem so that healing can be directed there. You will be able to understand the concepts of time, archetypes, Higher Self and collective consciousness. You will also learn different techniques to do ancestral healing, releasing curses, vows and commitments.

Belief Work: Starting The Self Work

  1. Duration: 4 days


Everyone, including us, emphasises the need and importance to have positive, happy thoughts, but how often does it actually happen? How often do we practise what we preach? Research tells us that out of 70,000 daily thoughts, nearly 90% are negative and repetitive. When we start understanding the root cause or the ‘why’ of these thoughts and work at the core level, only then can these negative thoughts be converted into positive ones. Learning about the core beliefs that have been prompting our life so far, the life which we have been leading as of now, and releasing and replacing them with positive ones is one of the central ideas that you will learn in this. In short it is about identifying our limiting core beliefs, and replacing them with new, progressive ones. It will also teach you what subconscious mind is and how to positively work with it for long lasting results.


  • Theory of mind
  • Power of thoughts
  • What are beliefs
  • How are beliefs formed
  • Core limiting beliefs and learn how they are in control of our lives
  • Finding and questioning limiting core beliefs
  • Muscle testing
  • Worksheets on major core beliefs: Love, Money, work, health etc.
  • Blocks of healers
  • Cord cutting with beliefs
  • Replacing negative beliefs by positive ones
  • Connecting with the Creator
  • Working at the cellular levels
  • Corrective therapy

What you will learn in this course:

You will learn the power of thoughts and how to work on your own self without seeking the help of therapists. This is the first step towards self reliance and self empowerment. This is also the first step towards knowledge about your ‘Authentic Self’.

A composit of various views of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis.

Bio Dynamics

In the mind, body and soul continuum, the body plays a significant role. Human body plays the perfect role of a wonderfully accurate feedback system that always stays in the `present’. It simply gives us messages about what is going on inside our minds as we go on about your lives. It has beautiful healing abilities and if one learns to tune into those messages, life will become a much smoother ride.


  • Role of emotions on body
  • Importance of body in energy work and in spiritual life
  • Underlying beliefs and emotions on various systems:
    Basic sensory organs like eyes, ears and skin
    Lymphatic Nodes
    Role of Micro-organisms (Bacteria, Virus, Fungus etc.)
    Circulatory system (Heart and Blood)
    Bones and the Skeleton system
    Respiratory system
    Sexual and Reproduction system
    Digestive system
    Endocrine system
    Excretory system
    Muscular system
    Nervous system
  • Role of minerals and vitamins; Emotional aspects of their deficiency
  • Food cravings
  • Pain management
  • Circle therapy
  • General pathology

What you will learn in this course:

This course will help you be in total sync with your mind and soul. You will be better equipped to deal with the issues by understanding them on the psycho-somatic level. Specific knowledge about why we crave certain foods, and the effect of deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, lipids and carbohydrates on the emotional and spiritual levels will be imparted. This is an intense course where the underlying belief systems of various organs and systems of body are identified and worked upon.

Energy Dynamics

Duration: 3 days


Everything in the Universe is a form of Energy. When we start working as an Energy Worker, it becomes imperative that we understand it from all angles. After doing this course, you will understand how to tap into different kinds of energies, while doing healings in your day to day life. It becomes very necessary that we keep our frequencies high so that our healings become more effective. This course teaches you how to do that. You will also be equipped with tools to protect yourself from negative energies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Healer or not, understanding life from this point of view will make you understand things in a better way and will help you reach your full potential. It will also equip you with techniques of dealing with negative people, energies or entities.


  • What is Energy?
  • Different types of energies: Human (Physical, Mental, Psychic); Cosmic; Masters’; Creator’s.
  • Mind power (Mental): What is mind power; learning to use it to resolve conflicts, banish negative energies; learning to be in alignment with the Universal Mind to achieve whatever you want.
  • Psychic Energy: Outer Energy Body: What is Aura; how it breaks and how to protect it.
  • Different subtle bodies: Balancing and aligning all of them.
  • Inner Energy Body: Chakras: Basic knowledge about them and how to balance them.
  • Cosmic Energy: How to bring changes in your life by using Cosmic Energy.
  • Masters’ energy: How to invoke masters, guardian angels and feel their presence in your daily life.
  • Creator’s energy: How to tap into this limitless source of energy.
  • General Points regarding energy:
  • Points for self protection while doing energy work.
  • Energy Break
  • Psychic Attack/Hooks
  • Dealing with Psychic vampires
  • Waywards
  • Soul fragments and retrieval
  • Guardian angels
  • Process for healing and grounding

What you will learn in this course:

Through this course you learn to use the power of energy within, which is lying mostly unexplored till now; letting  your True Self come out and contributing to hrlp you grow; letting you become what you deserve to be; and achieving what you want to. We all have this enormous power called Energy lying within ourselves, but unless properly channelized, we won’t be able to effectively make use of it. Apart from this, when we live in complete alignment with the Universe, miracles happen. This course is a must for all those who are already doing Energy Work as well as those who aspire to be Healers.