Being and becoming co-creater

Everything that we say, think or do, i.e. our inner habitat, is reflected by what we are going through in our lives. Similarly, our external circumstances, our immediate outside environment is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside us. It is the power of thought that creates a life for our benefit or … Read more


Duration: 3 days Introduction: Chakras are part of our energy body. They are the power houses of energy. Chakras represent our lives in all its levels and no one Chakra is superior to another. They are just different aspects of life in harmonious coexistence with each other. By looking at chakras from the physical, emotional, … Read more

Advance Self Work

Introduction: Once we become aware of what we are and what we can be, we become ready to move forward. We become willing to drop all the masks and false identities that keep us from our ‘Authentic Self’, or our ‘Real Self’. We become aware of everything that stands in our way. We get the … Read more

Belief Work: Starting The Self Work

Duration: 4 days Introduction: Everyone, including us, emphasises the need and importance to have positive, happy thoughts, but how often does it actually happen? How often do we practise what we preach? Research tells us that out of 70,000 daily thoughts, nearly 90% are negative and repetitive. When we start understanding the root cause or … Read more

Bio Dynamics

In the mind, body and soul continuum, the body plays a significant role. Human body plays the perfect role of a wonderfully accurate feedback system that always stays in the `present’. It simply gives us messages about what is going on inside our minds as we go on about your lives. It has beautiful healing … Read more

Energy Dynamics

Duration: 3 days Introduction: Everything in the Universe is a form of Energy. When we start working as an Energy Worker, it becomes imperative that we understand it from all angles. After doing this course, you will understand how to tap into different kinds of energies, while doing healings in your day to day life. … Read more